About us


Regeneracija is a company that has been operating since 1954, when it was founded as a textile waste sorting company.

Today operates as a group of separate units, thus uniting the activities of production and provision of services through Regeneration, reGALERIJA d.o.o. and Regeneracija non-wovens d.o.o. companies that are wholly owned.

As a company that has been involved in the recycling of textile waste from the very beginning, and today through Regeneracija as one of its members, throughout all these years and especially today, we place great emphasis on socially responsible business, sustainability, ecology and design.

We support individuals and associations to the extent of our capabilities, as well as groups and projects related to culture, environmental protection, sports and everything that modern society requires in order to improve the quality of life in the community in which we operate.

We approach each of our activities and interventions on buildings and owned land with an idea that, in addition to the economic viability of the company, includes the needs of our neighbours, citizens and the city in which we operate, as well as our employees and other stakeholders.

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tons of disposed waste per year
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