In accordance with the spatial restructuring and with the aim of optimizing business processes, the building property and the land of the company were put into functions of a commercial and public character.

Thus, facility number 7 became the home of Tedi company from May 2021 and, beginning with the summer of next year, the new tenant will be LPP.

Next to the building is a square that combines the function of a parking lot, a place to rest with benches and planted greenery, with the possibility of holding open-air exhibitions, which have already taken place on several occasions. Facility number 7 is actually connected to the mentioned reGARDEN, which further provides communication to the centre and to the western part of the city.

When designing and arranging, the main determinant was responsibility to the community.

The reGARDEN is an excellent example of cooperation between the city and the private sector, while the basic idea behind the implementation of the project, along with economic sustainability, was to benefit the local community and create a more pleasant environment for our employees.



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