Over the years, an illegal dump of rubble and various construction and non-construction materials and waste has been created on the land that is partly owned by Regeneracija and which is not suitable for construction.

In the eyes and heart of Regeneracija, which operates almost in the city centre and which bases its business on socially responsible principles, this was simply not acceptable. This sparked the first ideas about transforming the area into a kind of park that would benefit the citizens of Zabok, and to make that part of the city a nicer, better and more pleasant place. That is when the idea of the park got reGARDEN as its working name, which was later accepted as official.

In 2017, the idea was welcomed warmly and without hesitation by the highest representatives of the city, the architectural studio Mikelić-Vreš created a project that was accepted and its realization began. It was officially opened less than three years later, and today it is a place that functions as an urban park where students from a nearby Art, design and graphics Secondary School hold outdoor classes in nice weather, where people walk, ride bikes or exercise by using fitness equipment on the premises.

In case they are thirsty, there is a drinking fountain considered as a public good with free drinking water available, which encourages the consumption of tap water instead of that from plastic bottles. This is a significant contribution to environment preservation. Modern cities around the world greatly popularize such practices, and the drinking fountain itself represents both a public health and a civilization standard.

The park also has special benches designed for nursing mothers and diaper changing.

Lately, in the context of the times we live in, urban music concerts have been held here in the open.


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