Care for the relations with the community is a principle that is deeply rooted in our business. This is why environmental protection, sustainable growth, culture, donations, sponsorships and partnerships are an essential part of our daily efforts.

We are aware of our responsibility for environmental protection and the need to ensure sustainable development. Our work is entirely in accordance with every Croatian and international law and regulation. By applying “green” materials and technologies and by permanent employee education, we continuously reduce the amount of emissions of all types of gases created during the production process. Our business activities in the area of textile recycling provide a major contribution to environmental protection and sustainable development.

For many years now, we have supported culture manifestations, art projects and specific authors, and in that way contributed to the promotion of Croatian culture and art. For the further promotion of the cultural and traditional values of Croatian society, we have opened the RE-Galerija museum, where artists and creative individuals can present their work. We want our future business to be a combination of culture, art and industry.

We are proud of the fact that for many years we have had the opportunity to support a whole range of sporting events, clubs and competitors through sponsorships and donations, and we will proudly continue to do so in future.

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