We have positioned ourselves on the market as a producer of exclusively woollen carpets because we see wool as a material that can provide feelings of pleasantness, softness, comfort, nature and, above all, luxury.

Next to furnishing business facilities, state and public institutions and private facilities, the primary market is for tourist facilities, and we can proudly say that carpets made by Regeneracija can be found in hotels along the entire coastline, from Umag to Cavtat, as well as in numerous hotels in the continent.

The new direction we have undertaken in Regeneracija is focused on creating greater additional value by designing authentic carpets. With this approach, we enable the personalization of carpets on the basis of the spatial requirements of the interior projects, providing each architect or designer with the ability to shape the carpet in accordance with the specific spatial identity elements.

This is an opportunity for us to offer something truly unique on the market, something that can be either contemporary or traditional or that can bring these two characteristics together in accordance with the architecture of the space and the client's desires.

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