Regeneracija's core business is recycling industrial and household textile waste and converting it into raw material for the production of nonwoven fabric used in various industries.

We boast years of experience and tradition in the field, dating back to 1954, when the company started sorting textile waste collected from nearby manufacturing plants.
The first nonwoven fabric production line was installed in 1964, which was somewhat of a turning point in the development of the company, setting its course for the years to come.
Stroj za reciklažu Wolfer iz 1954


krug recycling hrvCircular economy

In the aforementioned 1954, from the very outset of its operation, Regeneracija stepped outside the boundaries of the linear economic model and in the upcoming years embraced the circular economy, which is topical in the current business climate, as a policy that has been implemented to this day.

This makes Regeneracija a prime and often-cited example of prioritising waste management and the circular economy, since using textile waste as a raw material for the production of nonwoven fabric reduces the amount of waste disposed of in landfills, which facilitates achieving the goals of sustainable development.






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The current product range comprises 180-300 g/m2 felts lined with an anti-slip foil that are used for building completion and finishing; as well as surface protection for painting, drywalling and other works in order to prevent the area becoming damaged and soiled and to maintain a desirable level of tidiness, while simultaneously protecting the designated workers and reducing cost.

The products are delivered in sizes appropriate for professionals and private users in rolls 1 or 2 m wide and 3-50 long and packed in euro pallets.

The entire production process takes place at Regeneracija in Zabok, while Regeneracija GmbH, with its headquarters in Waiblingen, markets the products in Western Europe. For more information about the products, visit


certifikatiQuality and sustainability

All our business processes comply with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 quality standards, while implementing a sustainable development policy with a strong emphasis on environmental protection is one of the priorities of our business.

In addition to exclusively using materials that are not harmful to humans and the environment, we strive to minimise the consumption of all energy products.

Natural gas and electricity, which are the key energy products for our production, are obtained from renewable sources, as evidenced by the zelEn label, which we are proud to display.

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